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Saturday , 23, July 2016 3 Comments

Hello motoring enthusiast, and may I say Welcome! My name is Robyn Gilmore. I am 21 years old, and like so many of us, I love cars. I also have many friends who don’t share my passion, so in the interest of not boring those non-car friends, I have decided to create this: Auto Scoop Group. A place where like-minded people from different places can come together and talk about camshafts, turbos, cylinder configurations, and V8s without being judged. Whether your love resides in classics, muscle cars, imports, tuning or modifying, I do hope you find something to your liking. Thank you so much for visiting and have a wonderful day!

3 thoughts on “ : Welcome to the Club”
  • itsme says:

    So glad yo see you have it up!! Cant wait for you to really get going with it 🙂

  • robynwithay01@yahoo.com says:

    At this point in time, there is no exact schedule in place for when content will be displayed, however at least for the time being once every two weeks will be suitable.

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