In My Opinion: The Ultimate Triad

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The Ultimate Triad: McLaren P1/ Ferrari La Ferrari/ Porsche 918 Spyder

          Ahh yes, the hottest new triad to hit the car industry. First things first, I like them all. They all show the future of the motoring world and where cars are headed. I like the Ferrari the best, but strangely, it isn’t the one I would buy and here is the reason: If I am going to make a huge monetary investment (and I mean huge) on any car, I want it to be the absolute peak of performance that can be provided by that company. Just as importantly, I also want it to be my favorite car that company produces. While the La Ferrari is indeed the pinnacle of performance from Ferrari, it isn’t my favorite Ferrari. I just know at some point I would be stopped at a traffic light in my million dollar Ferrari and pulling up beside me will be a middle-aged man in his 458 Italia and I would think, “Hmm, even though I spent almost four times more money than he did on his car, I like his better. It may not be a better car, but I like his car better”, and I will feel foolish. For that reason among many more, I would buy the Porsche.  I know for a fact, that no Porsche could pull up beside me, in my 918, and make me feel like I wasted my money because it is not only the best, but also my favorite Porsche on the road. Along with that, I hate to say it, but in terms of owning on a daily basis the Porsche 918 seems more practical. Which car is your favorite and why? I would love to know!!



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